Sundried – 50% Discount Code!

Sundried is a quality active wear and triathlon clothing website. It was founded by a triathlete named Daniel Puddick in 2015 and became Sundried in 2016. There was a market for professional quality triathlon clothing at affordable prices so he made his vision into a reality. 

Sundried make high quality clothing that should last a long time instead of it being cheap and tatty. They say, ‘Your clothing is an investment and we want our active wear to be your training partner for life’. I definitely agree with this, as the last thing you want is for it to wear away after a couple of washes and it to start to smell after doing a lot of hard sweaty sessions.

Wouldn’t you want to invest in better quality sporting clothing instead of buying cheaper kit and having to replace it every few months? I know I would – and do! There is nothing worse that spending lots of money on cheap kit that ends up having to be replaced for another alternative which will last the same time. 

Sundried have created the ethos of EHOTH, which stands for Every Hour On The Hour. This is an initiative to preventing a sedentary lifestyle. This is implemented at Sundried; they spend 10 minutes of every hour exercising and spend their 60-minute lunch break away from their desks and computer screens, exchanging it for an hour of exercising. Personally, this is my ideal working scenario and I think more companies should adopt this into their working day. 

Sundried have a sustainable fashion in which they have two different ranges, made from 100% recycled materials. Their first range is the Eco-Charge range is made from recycled coffee grounds. This allows it to block out odours and makes it perfect for fitness clothes. It also has features such as sweat-wicking, UV Protection and fabric that dries 200x faster than cotton. Their other range is the Eco-Core which is made from Recycled plastic bottles. This is part of the mission to help combat the global plastic pollution crisis and encourage zero waste lifestyle. 

Please have a look at their website.

You can use my discount code (Coombs) when you are at the checkout to get a massive 50% off!

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