Infrastar sponsorship alert for 2023 season

What a month it has been. It has been a good 4-week block of consistent comeback training since my last blog – T3 Training Day. Since then, I have been consistent in the pool and have just finished my final weekly open water swim session. It’s getting a bit too cold for me now. 

I have been building up the mileage on the bike and starting to build back into some sessions, which are tough but hey, wouldn’t be fun if it was easy. 

Running is back too. I’m starting off with the classic structured couch to 5k plan, so I don’t get too far ahead of myself. Best thing about getting back into running is buying this year’s new running shoes! And yes, the new colours matter.

Finally, the best bit of news is that my long-term sponsor, Infrastar, have generously extended their sponsorship and support for the 2023 season. 

The financial part of Infrastar’s sponsorship will help me invest in kit and equipment to support my winter rehab and training in my gym. But more importantly, in addition to the financial support Infrastar give me, their whole team continue to give me moral support and encouragement to help me meet my triathlon goals. As I’m maturing and learning in the sport, I have come to realise the mental side is equally as hard if not harder than physical side. 

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