About Me

My name is Ryan Coombs. I am 21 years old and have been focusing on triathlon since January 2018.

About my blog

This blog was created to document my journey after my concussion in Feb 2017. After getting a concussion on a rugby tour, my final year of sixth form was a struggle especially when I was told I was not allowed to play any contact sports. So after a year of head aches and not doing any exercise I decided to get back into it and I decided to give triathlon another go.

My beginning to triathlon

I first fell into triathlon at the age of 14. I joined the Tri Team Glos youth triathletes and joined in for 1 swim session a week and on the weekend a bike and run workout. This was just for me to get some experience before I raced in the Gloucester Triathlon. I cannot remember the result to much but I do remember the pain I had running off the bike and not experiencing something like that before. But it got me hooked…

That same year I entered the Gloucestershire Schools Biathle and came 3rd place. The next few year I raced the odd aquathon and triathlon more as a bit of fun. When I turned 16 I entered the Cotswold 113 middle distance triathlon and gave that a bash! I did this again the following year but my time got worse – that’s what happens when you don’t train. Leading me onto the start of this blog …


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