Sponsors / Ambassadors


Smith Heath accountants are my main sponsor who are fully bought into my triathlon dreams and vision. Through their sponsorship I will be able to fulfil a dream of racing wearing the GBR colours in 2020. In addition, they offer the best accountancy service. 

Infrastar, the infrastructure and networking specialists, are a major sponsor of mine. They are supporting me by getting my new race kit and training kit for the 2020 race season. They allow me to race in the highest quality kit which is a major advantage for me going into the season.

Veritable Solutions have invested in my triathlon career by supplying me with kit needed to train and also to race at the best of my ability.

Chloe Witts

Chloe Witts is my sports therapist, who gives me proactive and reactive treatment to ensure that I can race throughout the season. She also gives me great advice on appropriate training levels, stretching regimes and a reality check on what I should and more importantly shouldn’t be doing.  I have worked with Chloe for at least 6 years and I could not recommend her highly enough.

Anna Hawrot, director of Spinavita, uses her chiropractic skills to ensure my skeletal alignment is maintained which allows me to train and perform to the best of my ability. Following sessions I always feel refreshed and aligned which then allows me to maintain my hard training regime. If you are in need of chiropractic help then Anna’s Spinavita practice is the place to go.

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