Looking forward …

What have I been doing since Ironman Wales?

The days following Ironman Wales my main focus was just to walk properly again and eat as much food as I could. Basically, it didn’t take me long to eat the calories I burnt during the Ironman! As well as this I was straight back into studying for my ACCA exams (Accountancy Qualification) and back at work trying to catch up on the hours that I may not have done!

I took a complete week off doing any exercise at all. The most exercise I got was walking up and down the stairs at work. Every step hurt for the week following Ironman. 

After the week had passed I decided to do minor exercise and just do what I felt like doing and when I felt like it. This meant I swam a couple of times, cycled a few times and ran once. Doing this was a lot more challenging than I initially thought and every part of my body ached and I just felt lethargic. 

The great thing about off season is that I can start looking at all the events that I would like to do in the next year. For me, I start with a long list of races that I would like to do, races that I have already qualified for or that are classed as my A Race (most important race of season – season based around it) and of course I do some local races to support the local teams and companies. After making this list which tends to be nearly two pages long, I then look through the list and their dates and decide which races I can do and take out the races that are too close to each other. Hopefully then I have whittled my two pages down to one. These are the races I would like to compete in. Then in the new year recheck the list and enter the races which suit my goals and budget for the year. 

Another thing I enjoy doing is creating my training plan. As I am self-coached there is a lot of trial and error. I read a lot online and buy books on different method of training and am constantly changing and creating workouts for myself.

What am I doing up to the end of 2019?

After my month off, I will be starting to get back into training. This will be built up slowly over many weeks. Over the period to Christmas, I will be building an extra workout or increasing the workout duration which increases my volume. The first week of this block is my testing phase in which I will conduct a CSS test for swimming, FTP test for the bike and a 20-minute endurance test using my Styrd power meter for the run. These tests will allow me to figure out my training zones. For example, I will be able to work out the best heart rate zones to work in or at what run speed I need to train at for certain sessions.

In late November, I will be competing in the DB Max Castle Combe Duathlon and in the 10k on the same day. I use these events to race against quicker people and to get a good hard training day out of it.  I will also be doing a couple of 10-mile bike time trials over the Christmas period.

The November Duathlon is to find my base times which I will compare with the same race in February. This allows me to see the progress I should make over the Christmas and new year period. 

Just before the new year I will do a review on my whole year and list my personal best times. Then in 2020 I will write another blog on my goals and aspirations for the year.

Please don’t hesitate to email me any questions or advice that you have for me, and follow me on Instagram and my facebook page (see link at the bottom of my page) so we can go through our triathlon journeys together. 



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